Oracle Apps DBA Course





  • Introduction to Oracle 11i E-Business Suite
  • Oracle Applications Overview
  • Oracle Applications File System
  • Oracle Applications Environment files
  • Server process Scripts and language
  • Oracle Applications in single node and multi node
  • Oracle Applications database




  • Overview of installation process
  • installing and configuring Oracle Application 11i using single Node install
  • installing and configuring Oracle Application 11i using Multi Node install


Patch Administrations


  • Patching Activities
  • Creating a Patch
  • Running Patches
  • Patching history Database


System Administrator


  • Managing Application Security
  • Managing Concurrent programs and Reports
  • Administering  Concurrent Managers
  • Manage Profile Options
  • Managing Users Profile Options
  • Introduction to Oracle Workflow
  • Testing and Monitoring Oracle Workflow
  • Check Active user and other Request Status


Maintaining Oracle Applications Utilities


  • what are the AD Utilities?
  • using AD Administration
  • using other AD Utilities
  • Auto Config Utility
  • Config Utilities
  • Context Editor




  • Cloning Oracle Application Using Manual AD Clone and Rapid Clone Methods


Oracle Core DBA Concept


  • Oracle Database Architecture
  • All Background Process
  • Tables Related to Oracle Applications
  • Export and Import of Database




  • Introduction to Interfaces
  • Outbound Interfaces


    • Using UTL_FILE package


  • Inbound Interfaces


    • Using SQL * Loader tool


Additional Documents


  • Interview Q & A
  • Real Time Troubleshoot Scenarios
  • Soft & Hard Copy of all notes
  • Notes on R12 Application