AssentSoft believes in offering the finest standards of training that is constantly updated and adapted to the changing global scenario. Our mission is to enable world-class organizations to increase productivity and performance through their people. We design, develop and deliver a range of innovative learning solutions from interactive workshops focused around Growth, Innovation and Leadership to fully blended organization-wide learning programmers. 

       To thrive in this dynamic environment, emerging new man-power will need to learn new skills. We help employees of your company perfect various skills and learn new skills. We empower them to use imagination, develop creative solutions, remain flexible and motivate others to turn their ideas into results that make a difference to business. Our corporate programs help individuals to develop their potential, providing critical opportunities to build analytical, collaborative, and leadership skills. 


       With our pioneering corporate training programs we offer our clients customized training solutions to meet their specific business needs. The training requirement is such that the enterprise keeps pace with the changes yet maintaining its distinct identity. With features like hands-on instructor led and online training, Post training support, convenient batch timings, customized trainings, exhaustive curriculum AssentSoft is among the most sought out for corporate trainings



Why Choose Us



AssentSoft . was successfully running from past 6 years .During this tenure we have given the mix of collective skills & experience, commitment to deliver good quality of trainings and a strong culture of Ethics. We have ably adapted to the fast-changing real time environment and student expectations. Our online trainings culture ensures that every student have the opportunity to learn, develop new skills or pick up new competencies relevant for their individual growth. AssentSoft .  respects the student expectations of highly competitive and hardworking who value commitment and quality from our trainings.  AssentSoft.  strives to meet their expectations and is proud to be announcing  about our online trainings are called well quality trainings



          We provide SAP training in all Functional and Technical modules at our State-of-the-Art locations and at corporate facilities. We develop and customize training courses for all corporate training needs for IT managers, IT staff and End Users. With our experienced faculty and with our proven course development process, we can create an effective curriculum and can fulfill all your corporate SAP training requirements.


Training Methods

We understand our clients have different training needs, therefore, we provide flexibility in our delivery methods. Classroom training can be standard and many of the features of E-Learning can be tailored and customized to your corporate SAP training needs.


Some of the most popular training methods we provide:
Class Room Training at our State-of-the-Art facilities
On-Site Classes at your locations
Instructor-led E-Learning


Number of people requires training at one time
Existing skill set of trainees
Location of trainees – local, remote or mixed
Flexibility of training schedules



Our Faculty

Our Faculty with an average of 10+ years of industry and training experience and with our proven course development process; we can create an effective curriculum and can fulfill all your corporate training requirements.



Customized Training Solutions


We develop and customize training courses for all corporate training needs for IT managers, IT staff and End Users. We fully understand each client’s training requirements and desired outcomes. We do this systematically with a focus on consistency, relevancy and completeness and develop an effective customized learning curriculum to meet all your training requirements. We work with your company to create curriculum in order to ensure that the learning solution we provide can specifically addresses the needs of your training needs of your Organization.


Additional Courses for Corporate


As a total SAP solutions provider, we also provide training for SAP courses for corporate in addition to the courses indicated on the Home Page. These courses include industry specific courses such as IS-Retail, Banking, Healthcare, Oil & Gas, Enterprise SOA, SAP SCM, PLM, SAP PI & Business Integration and so on depending on your SAP training needs.
Training Development Tools


Organizations in today’s knowledge based economy and complex business environment are facing several challenges to maximize their workforce performance. Increasingly complex and diverse enterprise applications required broad implementations and training solutions. To address these challenges, our experienced instructors and subject matter experts can work with leading learning tools such as Perform and Captivate to create effective training solutions to train your workforce and also to pass knowledge to new workers.


At AssentSoft, with our experience in online trainings, we noticed that small class sizes gave good results. We are committed to conduct the sessions with minimum 2 and maximum 4 students.


At AssentSoft, we provide a comprehensive range of Information Technology services to global clients and individual professionals in the following areas:



Flexible timings



At AssentSoft, our support team is well versed in identifying the suitable time to meet trainer and trainees timings in this global world. Of course it is not possible without trainer and trainees support.



» Refund of Fee



At AssentSoft, we assure 100% money-back guarantee. If you’re not totally satisfied for any reason, simply withdraw before the second day of any class. Notify the instructor and you will receive a 100% refund.


      »   Guidance in Resume Preparation & Answering Interview


   »  AssentSoft, our team of IT experts will help you in 


         the preparation of the  resume and Interview questions




   »  SAP & Other IT Training


   »  Online Training


   »  Corporate Training


   »  Class Room Training


   »  Remote Consulting


   »  Manpower Consulting



Why AssentSoft?


We are proud to say that we have Unique features in providing the Services to our clients as follows:



  » 24/7 Customer care support for clients


  » 24/7 /365 Server Access


  » Run and managed by IT experts


  » Determined approach towards quality training


  » Highly experienced subject matter experts


  » Custom tailored programs for cooperates and individuals


  » Committed for small class sizes


  » Successfully completed over 200 trainings in various SAP and 


      other technologies


  » Refund of fee within 2 days of registration, if you are not satisfied


  » Guidance in getting placement and job support for a period of 2 month


  » Ad hoc support from IT experts @ competitive rates to Individual professionals

  » Small Class sizes