SAP Webdynpro ABAP Course Curriculum

WebDynpro Framework / Architecture
  • WebDynpro Introduction
  • WD4J Vs WD4A
  • Component Architecture
  • Component Entities
  • Views / Windows / Interface Views / Component Controller / Application
  • Relation b/w Component Entities
  • Data Binding
  • Plugs at View level and Plugs at Window Level
  • Inbound Plugs / Outbound Plugs
  • Navigation Link
  • View Assembly / Nested Views / Navigation b/w views
  • Default View in a Component
  • Multiple windows
  • Context Mapping
  • Internal Context Mapping / External Context Mapping
  • WebDynpro Application / Creation of Multiple Applications
Application Execution Cycle
URL Parameters
FQDN Settings
Faceless Components
Service maintenance
WebDynpro Controllers
  • View controller
  • Window Controller
  • Component Controller
  • Interface Controller
  • Custom Controller
Services of each Controller Hook Methods and Attributes of each Controller
WebDynpro ABAP Tools
  • Webdynpro Code Wizard and its different options
  • Layout Editor
  • Working with Layouts
Different layouts
  • Flow Layout / Grid Layout / Matrix Layout / Row Layout
UI Elements
  • Caption / Page Header / Input Fields / Text Views / Text Edit / Check box / Radio Buttons / Buttons / Button Rows / Image / Table / Message Area / Group / Transparent Container / Tray / View Container UI Element / List Box
  • Drop down by Index / Drop down by key / Radio Button By Index / Radio ButtonByKey
Design Time Context
  • Understanding the Meaning of Node and Element
  • Working with multiple Nodes and/or Attributes
  • Working with properties of Nodes and/or Attributes
Role of Data Binding
  • Binding the UI elements to Nodes and/or Attributes
Kind of methods in Controllers
  • Normal Methods
  • Event Handler Methods
  • Supply Functions
Working the Multiple Views
  • Nested views ( View with in a View )
  • Navigation b/w Views
  • Creation of Plugs  Inbound and Outbound Plugs
  • Creation of Navigation Link
  • Firing the Outbound Plugs
  • Significance of the Inbound Plug EventHandlerMethod
Managing View Lifetime
  • When Visible
  • Framework Controlled
Creation of MIME objects
Role and Significance of Properties of the Node
  • Cardinality
  • Selection
Table Control
  • Multiple of creating a Table
  • Working with different table column cells
  • Single row Selection
  • Multi row Selection
Dynamic Programming
  • Managing the UI element properties in runtime
  • Binding the internal table to the Node
  • Creation of elements under a Node in runtime
  • Removing the elements under a Node in runtime
Data Transfer Techniques b/w the Views Component Controller
  • Significance of Component Controller
  • Hook Methods and Attributes of Component Controller
  • Context Mapping
  • Used Controllers
Message Manager
  • Generation of Messages
  • Report Messages  Success / Warning / Error Messages
  • Defining own Message Area
  • Changing the message options in the WD application level
Implementing Service Call (BAPI / RFC Calls)
Calling the smart forms in a Applicatio
Implementing the Supply Function
Advanced Concepts in WebDynpro ABAP
Window Controller
  • Window Plugs
  • Significance of DEFAULT Plug
  • Inbound Plugs of Window Controller
  • Start Up Plug / Standard Plug / Resume Plug
  • Outbound Plugs of Window Controller
  • Exit Plug / Standard Plug / Suspend
Custom Controller
  • Creation of Custom Controller
  • Working with Custom Controller
Popup Windows
  • Popup Messages
  • Data Sharing b/w views and popup windows
OTR - Online Text Repository
Concept of iViews and Integration into Portal (Theory)
Portal Integration
WebDynpro Application Configuration
WebDynpro Application Personalization
WebDynpro Component Configuration
Tree Structure - Tree UI Element
Implementing RoadMap UI element with 3 to 4 steps
Role of Component Interface
Cross Component Programming
  • Component Usage
  • Sharing the Context across the components
  • Sharing the Views or Visibility across the components
Implementing ALVs
  • Implementing ALV without configuration Model In the ALV View In the Separate View
  • Implementing ALV with Configuration Model In the ALV View In the Separate View
Editable ALVs
  • Totals / Subtotals in ALVs
  • ALV with different Cell Editors (Link to Action, Buttons, etc.., )
  • ALV with different Events (Hotspot, OnClick, etc.)
  • Working with Select Options
  • Enhancements in WebDynpro Components -- View / Context / Methods