SAP PLM Course Curriculum
Demand Planning - DP
Supply Network Planning - SNP
Core Interface - CIF Demand Planning
  • Model& Version
  • Storage Bucket Profile (Maintain Periodicity)
  • Planning Buckets (Maintain Time bucket profile DP/ SNP)
  • Master Planning Object Structure (MPOS) S&DP Administration
  • Planning Area
  • Planning Books, Data Views& Selection Id’s
  • Master Forecast Profile- Maintain Forecast Profiles
  • Interactive Planning Table
  • Macro’s
  • Back ground Job settings - Activities, Job & Schedule
  • Alerts Management
  • Release / Transfer the forecast.
  • Calculate Proportional Factors
  • Lifecycle Planning
  • Data Loading, Copy/Version Management& Realignment
  • Job Monitoring, Process Chain Monitoring
  • LiveCache Monitoring
  • Maintain Planning Calendar (Time Stream), Maintain Period Split Profile, Maintain Distribution Function
  • Product& Location Split
Supply Network Planning General Settings
  • Model& Version
  • Profiles
  • Calendar
  • CTM Sort Profile
  • Demand Profile
  • SNP Profile
  • Deployment Profile
  • Lot size Profile
  • All Planners
  • TLB Profile
  • SNP Optimizer Profile
  • SNP Cost Profile
  • Rounding Profile
Master Data Set Up
  • Locations (Plant, Vendor, DC& Customer)
  • Products (Finished & Components….Specific to Location)
  • Resource
  • PPM/PDS,
  • Transportation Lanes
Administrative Data
  • MPOS
  • Storage Bucket
  • Planning Area
  • Planning Buckets
  • Planning Books
  • Data Views& Selection Id’s
Planning Engines& Process
  • Heuristic
  • Deployment
  • Transport Load Builder
  • Optimizer
  • CTM
Core Interface - CIF
  • CIF Overview
  • A story about CIF
Architecture of Integration
  • System Infrastructure, Define Logical Systems & Assign Clients, Define RFC Destinations, Business System Group, Specify Release, Establish Target System& Setup User Parameters
Transfer of Master Data
  • Master Data for PLM, Initial Transfer, Generation& Activation of Master Data Integration Models
Transfer of Transaction Data
  • Transaction Data for PLM& R/3, Generation& Activation of Transaction Data Integration Models, Pulication from PLM to R/3
Monitoring& Error Handling
  • Monitoring Process, Error Handling
List of Important T.Codes