SAP Quality Management Course Curriculum




SAP Overview


  • Brief introduction
  • Importance of ERP and SAP as an ERP
  • R/3 Architecture
  • Importance of SAP for current industries


SAP implementations Methodology


  • ASAP
  • Implementation real time example and process overview at each stage


QM Master Data : Discussion on the various master data available in QM


  • QM master data setting in Material mast
  • QM Master inspection characteristic
  • Codes and Code Groups
  • Catalogue and Selected Set
  • Sampling Procedure, Sampling Scheme
  • Material Specification creation
  • QM info record
  • QM settings for quota arrangements
  • QM Planning and Execution
  • Discussion on the Planning and Execution process available in QM
  • Creation of inspection plan
  • Assigning of Master inspection characteristics
  • Creation of inspection lot
  • Results Recording
  • Usage Decision
  • Defect notification process


QM Major Business process with examples




1. QM in Procurement


  • Incoming inspection during GR
  • Incoming inspection for vendor returns
  • Inspection during stock transfer




2. QM in production


  • In process inspection
  • Inspection post production


3. QM in Sales


  • Inspection during delivery
  • Inspection during customer returns


4. QM in Plant Maintenance


  • Calibration Inspection


Understanding other QM important topics


  • QM Notifications
  • Statistical Process Control, Control Charts
  • Recurring Inspection
  • Stability Studies
  • QM certificates
  • Various Configurations in QM module
  • Integration with Other modules MM,PP,PM


SAP Quality Management (QM)


  • QM stands for Quality Management in this SAP module - improve the quality of your goods, including Planning, Execution, Inspections, Certificates
  • The QM module's internal functions do not directly interact with the data or processes of other modules. The QM module fulfills the following functions:


Quality Planning


  • Management of basic data for quality planning and inspection planning
  • Material specifications
  • Inspection planning


Quality Inspection


  • Trigger inspections
  • Inspection processing with inspection plan selection and sample calculation
  • Print shop papers for sampling and inspection
  • Record results and defects
  • Make the usage decision and trigger follow-up actions


Quality Control


  • Dynamic sample determination on the basis of the quality level history
  • Application of statistical process control techniques using quality control charts
  • Quality scores for inspection lots
  • Quality notifications for processing internal or external problems and initiating corrective action to correct the problems
  • Inspection lot processing and problem processing linked to the SAP Workflow function
  • Quality Management Information System (QMIS) for inspections and inspection results
  • Quality Management Information System (QMIS) for quality notifications